Company cars

Are you considering buying a passenger vehicle or utility vehicle, either personally or through the company, and are you wondering about the financing methods: loan, leasing or long-term lease?

Do you want to know the financial impact of this investment on your expenses / operating expenses and need information on the fiscal, social, and legal consequences?

What Garance Audit can do for you

After having gathered all the information (quotes, financing proposals...), we analyse them by means of a specific study, which takes into account your personal and professional situation.

Why Choose Garance Audit?

  • We explain the advantages and disadvantages of each formula.
  • The consequences of each choice: benefit in kind, mileage allowances ...
  • We provide you with a report highlighting the best solution.

We help you optimize your fleet of business vehicles

We provide you with accurate and precise simulations on the different possibilities available to you.

You can choose the best formula both from both a personal and professional point of view.

You adopt the best strategy in respect of tax and social-charges.