Evaluation and transmission

You’re looking to sell your company or are looking to take on new associates?

You’re looking for a company to acquire and need expert assistance in estimating financial value?


What Garance Audit can do for you

We prepare the presentation and financial value estimation file for your company.

We carry out an acquisition audit on the company that’s up for sale.

We ensure the project’s legal, fiscal, and financial engineering.

Why Choose Garance Audit?

We help you:

  • in the preselection of potential buyers
  • in all your interactions with sellers or buyers
  • we’re by your side during all phases of negotiation
  • during the preparation of legal documents and protocols

Securely assess transmission and value

As chartered accountants, we have an obligation of discretion, and give an objective and non-partisan estimation as to the feasibility of the planned transaction.

We have access to inter-professional networks (notaries, lawyers, intermediaries...), which guarantee the operation’s securitisation and tax optimisation.