Do you want to be more reactive, and be able to follow the operation of your company beyond its results?

It is important for you to measure and achieve your performance?

Is helping your management to administer the company a priority?

What Garance Audit can do for you

We bring you our expertise in the optimisation of management / steering of your company.
Our mission is divided into four segments:

  • Choosing tailored indicators
  • Ensuring reliability of information
  • Providing you with the appropriate feedback
  • Giving you with a decision support tool

Why Choose Garance Audit?

  • Our knowledge of your industry
  • Clear, legible reports
  • Quick turnaround

The dashboard, a tool that helps you to manage your company.

This is clearly an action / reaction steering system, that allows you to control your activity and visualise the evolution of significant indicators.

The dashboard is a real decision making tool that helps you to implement corrective measures and gives you the opportunity of communicating simply with operational managers and shareholders, but also with banks, investors, and other institutional parties.