Real Estate


In collaboration with institutional parties, industry specialists, and tax lawyers specializing in real estate law, in order to address the challenges and issues specific to your field of activity, Garance Audit has developed cutting-edge sectorial skills in your professional field.

Expertise in specific accounting rules

  • Professional Accounting Plans (Real Estate Developers, Property Dealers, Builders)
  • Financial estimation of property value, accounting valuation (French standards and IFRS)
  • Off-plan sales
  • Real estate construction / sales companies
  • Real estate development
  • Investment properties
  • Logistics centres

Real estate tax advice

  • VAT applicable on real estate transactions
  • Transfer taxes
  • Self supply
  • Taxation of real estate income and capital gains
  • Declarations of property income for individuals
  • Real estate wealth tax
  • Taxation of investment property lessors / furnished rentals

Optimization of property management

  • Foreign companies owning a building in France
  • Financial Reports
  • Formalization of CAPEX
  • Choice of the activity’s legal form
  • Transmission and division of the property