Real Estate Wealth Tax (Impôt sur la fortune immobilière – IFI)

You would like assistance in drawing up your real estate wealth tax declaration, or wish to delegate it, in order to find out what tax you have to pay and plan ahead?

Do you want to find out more about regulatory developments that you can benefit from and learn how to secure and improve your tax efficiency bearing in mind your personal situation?

What Garance Audit can do for you

We keep you updated on regulatory developments as they come into effect in order to provide for the optimisation of your tax situation.

We help you draw up your real estate wealth tax declaration.

Why Choose Garance Audit?

  • We calculate your tax precisely and inform you of the payment deadlines for the upcoming year.
  • We can study the feasible optimisations for your estate and your real estate wealth tax.

Optimising your real estate wealth tax contributes to your peace of mind.

You no longer have to deal with complex, time-consuming tax declarations.

You save a significant amount of time.

You’re always up to date as regards possible tax reductions and can plan ahead for tax expenses.