Management Control Systems

Do you wish to look into the profitability of your products and/or services and optimise the operation of your activity centres?

Do you want to establish the cost of an order or a project per client in order to allow you to precisely evaluate the financial impact of your decisions?

What Garance Audit can do for you

We implement an accounting function which aims to provide for better cost evaluation and understanding of how profit is created in order to allow for action on the elements that constitute it.

Why Choose Garance Audit?

  • We help you to analyse and master profits per activity, whilst bearing in mind your objectives and your technical and organisational specificities.
  • We periodically provide you with income statements, laid out by activity, project, site, or business sector, according to your needs./li>

Management control can optimise your company’s activities.

You know the projects, activities, or sites thanks to which you make profits and those that make you lose money.

You know your production costs and can thus precisely establish your sales prices.

You can also evaluate your budgets with greater precision and make targeted decisions.