“Participation” and “Intéressement” Profit share schemes

Do you want to motivate your employees by providing a profit share scheme?

Do you wish to consider setting up a project or performance-based bonus scheme?

You have to pay out the legal "Participation" profit share but don't know the obligatory calculation and distribution methods?

What Garance Audit can do for you

We inform you as to your legal obligations.

We explain the strategic and financial interest of “participation” and “intéressement” profit-sharing schemes.

Why Choose Garance Audit?

  • We assist you in drawing up agreements that comply with regulations.
  • We help you calculate the amounts due under these collective agreements.

Whether you choose a “participation” or “intéressement” profit-sharing scheme, your employees receive an incentive based on company profits.


We bring you serenity as regards the respect of your legal obligations.

We optimise any tax benefits available within the framework of these schemes and give assistance with the complex calculations.